• Warning beacon (yellow)
  • Working light, 1 unit added in rear
  • Working light, 2 units in front
  • Comfort driver's seat
  • Air-suspended, comfort driver's seat with lumbar support
  • Air-suspended comfort driver's seat with lumbar support and heated seat
  • Driver's seat made of artificial leather
  • Seat back extension for standard driver's seat
  • Air conditioning
  • Document box
  • Radio-ready (antenna, speaker)
  • Radio system (radio with USB-connection, antenna, speaker)

Drive / steering system

  • Load stabiliser (vibration damper)
  • High speed 30 km/h
  • Low-speed control and hand throttle

STVZO - equipment

  • Licence plate illumination, including licence plate bracket in front


  • Coarse meshed cooler
  • Fuel pre-heating (12 V)
  • Fuel filter with transparent sight glass
  • Hydraulics
  • Floating position
  • 3rd control circuit, electrically operated (s/w)
  • Unpressurised return line, front, including overflow oil line
  • Attachments for working platform, including pipe-break protection
  • Filling of the hydraulic system with environmentally-friendly hydraulic oil; PANOLIN Synt46
  • Bypass flow oil filter

Electrical system

  • Plug receptacle for front add-on equipment, 4-pole
  • Battery isolator switch

Safety options

  • Pipe-break protection for lift and tilting cylinders
  • Back-up alarm (acoustic)
  • Red / white warning stripes (according to DIN 30710)
  • Protective side plate for back-up alarm
  • FOPS protective grating (class 2)
  • Protective grating for main head lamp, left/right, removable
  • Protective grating for windscreen, removable
  • Immobiliser system
  • Tyre blow-out protection
  • Protective measures for use in aggressive materials (salt and fertiliser use)
  • Pedals that can be lubricated
  • Belt guard


  • Custom paintwork
  • Engine oil and hydraulic oil pre-heating (230 V)
  • Central lubrication system
  • Load hook (tilt rod)
  • Tool kit
  • Electric salt spreader, including attachments, special plug receptacle and actuator (170 litre container)
  • Telematic